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Wilfred originated as an idea back in 2001 between Jason Gann, who would go on to portray Wilfred, and Adam Zwar, who would portray Adam. The two conversed about a topic involving Zwarr going over a girl's house and getting a strange vibe from her dog. The two continued to talk on the subject and eventually evolved the idea of Wilfred, a dog who is seen as a regular dog by everyone except his owner's boyfriend, who would see him as a man in a cheap dog suit. A week later they had shot a 7-minute short that would go on to win many awards.

WILFRED - Tropfest Australia 2002 Finalist06:46

WILFRED - Tropfest Australia 2002 Finalist

After much time the show was picked up for 8 episodes under SBS One in 2007. It follows the life of Adam Douglas, a, for the most part, unemployed "media monitor". After a Powderfinger concert he finds himself in the home of Sarah (Cindy Waddingham). There he meets Wilfred, a man in a dog suit who is seen by everyone else as a dog. In 2009 another season was shot, entitled Wilfred II, and released in 2010. Afterwards the rights were sold to FX.

The FX series has Elijah Wood starring as Ryan, a washed-up lawyer on the verge of suicide. When his next-door neighbor Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) asks Ryan to watch over her dog Wilfred, Ryan is surprised that he sees the pet as a man in a dog suit (reprised by Jason Gann).

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