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    Does anyone know who the middle guy is in this picture? In the last episode he is identified as Evan and The Flock's "liasion with the outside world". The other two (Bill, Theo) are based off of two previous characters we have seen (Red Wolf, P.T/Dark Room Guy) so I figure Evan would be based off somebody else as well, but my mind keeps drawing blanks. At first I thought Nick (Jenna's friend in Conscience), but the two just don't really look like one another.

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  • Ttubholejones


    August 10, 2014 by Ttubholejones

    So this wiki seems to be getting more active, updated and improved. 

    As of right now the only people I think are on this wiki are Jenny 4th, The Koto and I. Am I wrong? 

    Not too sure if anyone else is here but just checking.

    Also any idea on how to unlock the front page so we can edit it? It's outdated by almost two years! 

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